Digital Native


"Life" is a PNG file with a genetic algorithm embedded in it. The text from the image is used as the executable portion, copied into a python script. Each time the script is run, that PNG lives a day, and this continues until the individual PNG is dead. At that point, the data is corrupted and it will no longer function. Hopefully the individual will have at least one child by then to carry on it's genetic code. The text from the image is quoted below.

q='\nq=%r\nimport sys,zlib;from PIL import Image\[1]);s=zlib.decompress(["QUINEDRAW"])\nexec s%%(q%%q)'
import sys,zlib;from PIL import Image[1]);s=zlib.decompress(["QUINEDRAW"])
exec s%(q%q)

The Living Art Project

"The Living Art Project" was an experiment in using Genetic Algorithms to create art based on the cumulative attention of the viewers. Clicking on an image made that image more likely to breed for the next round. Over time, the images that people most prefered would breed more and images evolved into ever more eyecatching forms. The project is no longer running, but the page is still functional. Feel free to explore.

1 & 3 Quines

This piece is playing with conceptual ideas in a purely digital medium. The text from the image is quoted below.

q="""q=%r\nimport sys,zlib\nT='!\\ff\\x0bQUINESRC000'
f=open(sys,argv[1], 'rb');pos=0\nwhile!=T:pos+=1;,0)
s='';a=ord(\nwhile a!; a=ord(
import sys,zlib
while a!; a=ord(